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hoho_12 2016-08-05


第一章javascript简介 1.在地址栏输入javascript语句 Javascript:Document.write("显示文字") 2.将javascript嵌入 HTML文档 <script language=javascript> docum

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Im trying to build a "vanilla" kernel by disabling the android parts for the Samsung Galaxy Express SGH-i437 and run Arch Linux I believe its booting and would like to debug it.

However, I notice that there is no option for g_ether in the kernel drivers under the menu simply isn't there for my device and architecture. Can I grab the related files from another kernel and use them?

 [CODE]Device Drivers  --->
        USB support  --->
            USB Gadget Support  --->
            <m>     Ethernet Gadget (with CDC Ethernet support)[/CODE]

Am I right to assume that I also have to use, The hacks to msm_otg.c, to use externally-powered OTG devices? Located here?

推荐:js 删除数组几种方法

 var arr=['a','b','c'];   若要删除其中的'b',有两种方法:   1.delete方法:delete arr[1]   这种方式数组长度不变,此时arr[1]变为undefined了,但是也有

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//定义对象value值数组,obj数组 var value_arry=["aaa","bbb"],obj_arry=[]; for(var i=0;i<arry.length;i++){ var obj={"key1":"值1","key2":"值二"}; obj["key

<!DOCTYPE html><html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>数组</title> <!-- 描述:数组 JS中的数组可以不指定长度,可变长










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