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chenli522 2015-08-08

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zookeeper是什么 百度定义: ZooKeeper是一个分布式的,开放源码的分布式应用程序协调服务,是Google的Chubby一个开源的实现,是Hadoop和Hbase的重要组件。 它是

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Is there a way to get the Appium Inspector to work for ios9/xcode7?

I know Appium Inspector is from, which is currently stuck on 1.4.8. I know to get appium tests working with ios9/xcode7, you need appium server at >=1.4.11.

However, I am unable to run the appium inspector anymore, and I need to update the element paths to some of my tests. Does anyone know of a way to get appium inspector working with the latest appium server, or an alternative element inspector tool?

ios9 appium xcode7 share | improve this question asked Sep 30 '15 at 19:45 RFang 37 5 add a comment  | 

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  1. Write a script to create an Appium driver with desired capabilities
  2. Run Appium server in command line mode
  3. Run the script to create connection to Appium server
  4. Execute Appium Inspector
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