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解决SEO friendly URL in Classic ASP?

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推荐:ASP.NET 4中的SEO改进

ASP.NET 4包括了一系列新的运行时特性,可以帮助你进一步优化你的网站。其中一些新特性可以用来进行SEO优化以提高网站在搜索引擎中的排名和权重,这些特性包括:

I have website developed in classic ASP. The URL is not SEO friendly at present.

Please suggest how I can make the SEO friendly URL for my website in ASP.

Is there any supporting functions which can help in creating SEO friendly URL in ASP?

URL for product Information page like this :

Thanks for your help.

I have read the documentation and Installed the IIRF properly.Now i have few queries.I tried few sample with redirection and they are wrking.I put the clean URL in address bar and result shows data from the original URL.

My Problems: I am still bit confused abt the rewrite and redirect.I don't expect you to teach and guide me for the same.Please pardon me if i write confusing sometime.Please feel free to guide me if i am wrong in approach for SEO friendly URL's.

My Goal is to create SEO friendly URL's for my shopping cart.what I want when page gets parsed in browser it should show the Parsed links as SEO friendly not the original one.

As in my sample when i type URL in address bar it didn't gets changed to clean URL. When i type the clean URL in address bar it shows the data from original URL.

In my shopping cart there are lot of Hyperlinks to other pages.They are also in Dynamic in nature not the static one.How can i set those static hyperlinks to clean URL using IIRF without making substantial changes in my cart.

regards, Sunny

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We have used isapi rewrite before and it works very well, very configurable per site etc

answered Feb 23 '10 at 16:01 MJJames 538 3 18


Configure IIS to do URL Rewriting. Microsoft has an addon for IIS7 (Vista, Server 2008), but you can install IIRF (open source) in IIS5.1 (XP) and IIS6 (Server 2003).

Let all incoming requests or any path starting with /media/ (or pick your own) go through un-rewritten. Only put static files in there such as CSS/JavaScript/images.

Rewrite all incoming request URLS from, e.g., /foo/bar?abc=xyz to /index.asp/foo/bar?abc=xyz. The rewriting is all internal to IIS so the end-user does not see any URL rewriting.

Within index.asp, you can access the original incoming URL /foo/bar via

<%= Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") %>
<%= Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO") %>
<%= Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING") %>



answered Nov 4 '09 at 14:25 yfeldblum 53.5k 7 106 156      Assuming he's running on IIS7 which does not have ASP installed as default. More than likely its an old IIS6 (or even 5) install? –  Pete Duncanson Nov 4 '09 at 18:19      @justice we have successfully installed IIRF.Now we have written the following rewrite rule, but its not working.Kindly suggest : existing url: desired ur: ------------- RewriteEngine ON StatusUrl /iirfStatus RewriteLog C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\iirf RewriteLogLevel 3 # When someone surfs to the default page, they get RewriteRule ^/$ /scripts/default.asp # Rewrite content links for SEO RewriteRule ^/scripts/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/ /scripts/page.asp?mid=$1&pageid=$2 –  Saurabh D Nov 6 '09 at 15:06      Try changing it to RewriteRule ^/scripts/page/([^/]+)/([^/]+) /scripts/page.asp?mid=$1&pageid=$2 –  yfeldblum Nov 6 '09 at 15:52


推荐:Asp.Net 4.0 SEO增强之UrlRouting 4.0 mvc 在项目中的使用. 在.Net 4.0之前我们为了做出搜索引擎友好的,对用户也友好的url都是需要自己实现Url重写,现在不需要了,.Net 4.0为我们做这一








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