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解决amazon web services - Implement oauth in AWS API Gateway

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I am trying to create a simple service using AWS API gateway and Lambda.

I want to manage small amount of user/password pairs such that they can login in to get an access token to proceed with future API calls.

I am not sure if I have chosen the right tools for this, but I am wondering if there is any existing package or model that I can use to implement this functionality?

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asked Oct 20 '15 at 4:10 solosodium 462 2 13


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A document titled "Amazon API Gateway + AWS Lambda + OAuth" describes what you need to do to protect a Web API implemented using Amazon API Gateway + AWS Lambda with an OAuth 2.0 access token. The introspection API (= an API to get information about an access token) used in the document is Authlete's one, but you can replace it with another different one you like. For example, if you use an authorization server implementation that supports RFC 7662 (OAuth 2.0 Token Introspection), you can use the introspection API defined in the specification.

Updated on 2016-Apr-6

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本文来源于我在InfoQ中文站翻译的文章,原文地址是: 近日,Amazon Web Services(AWS)发布了针对W

On Feb 11, 2016, a blog entry of AWS Compute Blog, "Introducing custom authorizers in Amazon API Gateway", announced that Custom Authorizer had been introduced into Amazon API Gateway. Thanks to this mechanism, an API built on Amazon API Gateway can delegate validation of a Bearer token (such as an OAuth or SAML token) presented by a client application to an external authorizer.

How to protect APIs built on Amazon API Gateway by OAuth access tokens utilizing the new mechanism, Custom Authorier, is described in "Amazon APi Gateway Custom Authorizer + OAuth".

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