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Is it possible to build a native android-to-android video chat app using webrtc?

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I see a lot of tutorials in the Internet teaching about android to browser or browser to browser webrtc application. Is it possible to build a native android-to-android video chat app using webrtc?

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asked Sep 13 '15 at 15:12 YinYin Chiu 18 4


3 Answers

WebRTC uses ICE protocol for creating connection between two peers. It uses DTLS-SRTP for creating secure data exchange between peers.

Now both ICE protocol and DTLS-SRTP are protocols that can be implemented on any devices no matter what platform. You implement or use existing implementation of ICE and DTLS-SRTP protocol on your android apps and communicate with each other.

When you read tutorials about implementation of WebRTC for communication between android app and browser, there the android app has the implementation of both ICE and DTLS-SRTP. So this android app can communicate with other android app having similar implementation.

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answered Sep 13 '15 at 16:41 Tahlil 1,498 2 22 42


in addition to @tahlil great answer, you can also use a number of open source SDKs out there that already took the burden on bundling the WebRTC libraries and offering simple APIs for you to integrate Real Time Communications in your native app. One example of such SDK is the RestComm Android SDK See and

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answered Sep 14 '15 at 7:18 jeand 1,853 9 11

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For all who are still searching for a native solution without any servers. I figured out a way to use the WebView with WebRTC and without any STUN/TURN/ICE servers. The trick is to implement the handshake between the WebRTC instances on the devices. I used a sirect socket connection between the devices. You can download the source for a working example at Sorry for the missing code documentation, I am still working on it.

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answered Feb 22 '16 at 20:04 hilderonny 76 3









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